WorkSpace for Black Girls

WorkSpace for Black Girls is a space for Black women to discuss and heal workplace trauma, and advocate for change.

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Register for WorkSpace for Black Girls:

WorkSpace for Black Girls: Join us every 4th Thursday as we create space for Black women to discuss our experiences in the workplace, how we can support each other in our healing of workplace trauma, adopt self-care practices, and advocate for change.

The Black Talk Series is a space created to engage the Black community in often taboo topics, in an inter-generational facilitated dialogue.

Love Your Tribe believes that by fostering deeper conversation and learning through our shared experiences we can heal and grow. It is further enriched by bringing voices of multiple generations together (Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z) in an often segregated world by age, race, and beyond.

Each session begins with a guided meditation to ground participants. Our hosts welcome facilitators with a range of knowledge and experiences that will guide the conversation, and moderate small group breakout sessions where participants can have more intimate dialogue.

The Black Talk Series is centered on the Black experience. It centers our love for ourselves and our visions for the world we want to live in: one that does not degrade, diminish or dispose of us. By centering blackness we reclaim and return to our full humanity.

Non-black people of color are welcome in the space. Their role is to protect the space intentionally centered on Blackness; witness what is happening in the space and to themselves at the moment; and to honor, taking in what is shared and letting it mean something in their life.

This event is virtual and open to ALL ages!


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